We want to make available to you all documents, reports, documentaries, videos and other methodological tools with which we contribute to improve the health of Mozambicans.

Training Course on PHC (Pedagogical Technical Dossier, Facilitator's Guide, Trainer's Manual and Curriculum Plan)

A course on PHC prepared by medicusmundi and recognized by the Training Department of the Ministry of Health. Currently implemented as an extracurricular module in the Training Centers and the ISCISA.
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Planning and Management Guide for the district services of health, women and social action - Provincial Health Board - Pemba

The District Planning Guide allows administrations to prepare their annual operating health plans according to the mandatory compliance regulations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy of Mozambique. This methodology has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Health of Mozambique.
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Silêncio da Mulher (Women's silence)

A docu-drama about HIV / AIDS in Mozambique, the stigma that prevents women from speaking openly about the disease and the social and anthropological determinants that shape rural society in southern Mozambique.
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Health For All - Inhambane training

A short documentary about the training of human resources in the province of Inhambane and the support that medicusmundi has been giving in this important field for more than 10 years.
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Maputo's Health Promotion Program

A health promotion plan of the Municipal Council of Maputo prepared in collaboration with medicusmundi and recognized and budgeted with municipal funds for its execution.
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School Health Manual

A manual to educate and sensitize the adolescent population about the right to health and promote healthy habits.
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