Improving the quality, coverage, and resilience of the Cabo Delgado health system

Improving the health status of the population in the southern area of Cabo Delgado affected by recurring emergencies in the region (armed conflict, COVID-19, climate crisis), from the approaches of universal health coverage and continuity of care, social determinants of health, gender and interculturality (2023-2026)

After decades of slight improvements in some indicators, the Province of Cabo Delgado is experiencing a setback in its development process that puts the region's social stability to the limit. Simultaneous crises, such as the armed conflict unleashed in 2017 or the impact of COVID-19, stress the few social services, especially health services, to the point of collapse. This program reinforces the coverage, the improvement of the quality and the resilience of the health services, to ensure the continuum of care for the population, with a focus on women and girls, and to create risk management strategies for future health crises. It is executed in collaboration with the health authorities and civil society that will influence a greater investment in the province.

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