The Alliance for Health holds a Cultural Soiree about Right to Health

On Friday (April 29th) the Alliance for Health held a Cultural Soiree to reflect about right to health in Mozambique.

On Friday (April 29th) the Alliance for Health held a Cultural Soiree to reflect about right to health in Mozambique. Entitled Saudarte, the event had the participation of rapper and social activist, Dice, the poets Ivandro Sigaval, Ema de Jesus and Aliena Zitha, the dance group A Comunichiv, as well as the theater group Incluarte.

Through music, singing, poetry and dance, participants were able to familiarize themselves with the injustices that the disabled face daily in the country's health facilities.

The panel was attended by social activist Camila Fanheiro and António Mathe, members of Saber Nascer and the Observatório Cidadão para Saúde, respectively. In her speech, Camila Fanheiro mentioned that although health providers have access, during training, to subjects related to humanization in the care of users and even related to sign language, it is still common to come across people with disabilities who suffer when resort to health services, so it is important to continue to strengthen the health system.

In turn, António Mathe said that the Alliance for Health, in addition to presenting the shortcomings of the Mozambican health system, seeks to propose solutions and also “try to influence high-level decisions, as these decisions have a direct impact on the user’s life”.

On the occasion, the coordinator of the Alliance for Health, Violeta Bila, appealed to all participants to abandon tolerance of the injustices they see in the Health facilities and demand their rights.

The Saudarte Cultural Sarau comes in fulfillment of one of the objectives of the National Campaign for Activism and the Right to Health ACTIVA-TE, as part of efforts to broaden the debate on health, inclusion and gender.

This activity has been carried out with the financial support of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) within the Agreement 18-CO1-1096 «Improving the population's health based on its Social Determinants, with special focus on nutrition, through the strengthening of Primary Health Care as the best strategy to ensure the right to health and the collaboration of civil society, research institutions, and the National Health System». The content of this news is the sole responsibility of medicusmundi and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the AECID.