Associated miners of Cabo Delgado and Nampula practice dignified, ethical, clean and environmentally sustainable artisanal and small-scale mining

Dignify artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) through the promotion and defense of the social, economic, environmental and health rights of artisanal miners, in 3 districts of Nampula, contributing to the fulfillment of the SDGs.

Medicus Mundi has been working, in collaboration with the Centro Terra Viva (CTV) and the local authorities, Provincial Health Directorates and Provincial Infrastructure Services of the provinces of Cabo Delgado and Nampula, since the end of 2016, on a strategy that has the ultimate objective of dignifying the practice of artisanal and small-scale mining. This specific project, financed by the Generalitat Valenciana, is carried out in 3 districts of the province of Nampula.

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