medicusmuni participates in 2020-2021 Agrarian Campaign lauching in Cabo Delgado

Food exposure is one of the activities that medicusmundi promotes to obtain positive results in the prevention of malnutrition.

The Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and the Technical Secretariat for Food and Nutritional Security (SETSAN) organized the ceremony to launch the 2020-2021 Agrarian Campaign, which took place in the Metuge District, on October 30, 2020. The event was attended by the special presence of Adriano Maleiane, Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Daudo Ussuhale, Provincial Director of Agriculture, and Mr. Magido Sabone, Cabo Delgado Provincial Health Director. The launch was also attended by medicusmundi, who collaborated with the presentation of a stand for the exhibition local foods with the respective characteristics of nutritional identification and the exhibition of preparations based on local foods. Food exposure is one of the activities that medicusmundi promotes to obtain positive results in the prevention of malnutrition, since the population's lack of knowledge of the ways of preparing food was one of the most prominent problems during the Diagnostics on the Causes of Malnutrition carried out in three districts of Cabo Delgado.

The event was attended by other partners engaged in the fight against Malnutrition in the province, namely, Caritas, UPC, ADEL-CD, ProSoja, Afiagra, Ouro Verde, Plexus, GAPI, Institute of Cotton and Oilseeds, Institute of Almonds, Catalisa, Bayer Mozambique, Metuge SDSMAS, among others.

The event was divided into several moments, highlighting the visit to the production field and the agri-livestock fair, which was represented at the fair of agro-livestock potentialities, fair of agrarian and financial services providers, fair of value chain of cashew and cotton and Nutrition fair and other services.

medicusmundi, represented by Nutritionist, Rufina Amade, and a group of mothers who take care of children under 5 years old, participated in the Nutrition fair with an exhibition of products prepared based on local foods, to show that with existing products locally it is possible make various preparations and thereby reduce malnutrition at the community level; some of the products presented were: malambe / olapah juice, masala juice, maphílua jam, pasteis / badjias and bean milk, bean biscuits, dried yucca yoke and flour, moringa salad ... and a far away etecetera.

After visits to the fairs, the beginning of the ceremonies was declared, presenting the program, with a cultural moment, religious prayers, message from producers and extension workers, intervention by the Minister of Economy and Finance and, finally, the closing of the event.

Medicusmundi carries out various activities with the aim of preventing and reducing malnutrition at the country level and specifically in the province of Cabo Delgado, which has recorded the highest rates of malnutrition at the country level, in the context of the implementation of the project “Improving health of the population, with an emphasis on its Social Determinants and a special focus on nutrition, through the strengthening of Primary Health Care as the best strategy to guarantee the Health Right and the collaboration of civil society, research institutions and the NHS, in Mozambique ”, In partnership with the Provincial Directorate of Health, the District Health, Women and Social Action Services of Namuno, Montepuez and Ancuabe, and SETSAN in Cabo Delgado, which is the focal point of the Multisectoral Action Plan for the Reduction of Chronic Malnutrition in Mozambique (PAMRDC).