Training of Community Activists in Maputo

Between the 21st and 24th of July, in the TDM meeting room, in the District of KaMpfumu, city of Maputo, took place a training of Community Activists for the implementation of Community Surveillance of COVID-19, Acute Flaccid Paralysis, Measles, Neonatal Tetanus, Diarrhoea/Cholera and Gender-Based Violence.

Strengthening PHC Social Determinants of Health

Strengthen the technical and methodological skills of activists at community posts in Maputo

40 activists from the following neighborhoods were involved in this 2-day training: Unit 7, Aeroporto A, Aeroporto B, Minkadjuini, Xipamanine, Chamanculo B, Chamanculo D, Malanga, Munhuana, Urbanização, Mafalala, Maxaquene A, Nsaleni, Inhagoia A, Inhagoia B, Luís Cabral, Mavalane A, Mavalane B, FPLM and Chamanculo A.

The main objective of this training was to strengthen the technical and methodological skills of the activists at the community posts, within the scope of the active search and tracking of cases at neighborhood level and their forwarding to the health units.

During the sessions, themes such as the identification of cases and the completion of notification forms for Acute Flaccid Paralysis, Measles, Neonatal Tetanus, and the importance of the role of community activists in the fight against GBV were discussed.

The activists were given the challenge of knowing the laws so that they could refer all cases of Gender-based Violence to state institutions, such as Health, Social Action, the Police and the Attorney General's Office. For cases of sexual violence, it was stressed that the priority is to refer to the health unit due to the prophylaxis that are offered immediately and that obey a certain period.

The training was provided by the Municipal Directorate of Health, within the scope of the project “The Social Determinants of Health: the best strategy against COVID-19, in Maputo”, implemented by medicusmundi, in partnership with the Municipal Council of the City of Maputo and MISA-Mozambique, with financial support from the Municipality of Barcelona.