Documentary Film Course finalists begin production of 4 mini-documentaries

The films will portray different realities of artisanal mining and will serve to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the four months of formation

Creative industry at the service of social transformation

An exploratory trip allowed to identify potential areas, scenarios and actors to integrate into the films.

A multidisciplinary team integrating the best students of the Documentary Film Course and the prestigious Mozambican filmmaker, Gabriel Mondlane, embarked at the end of September towards Cabo Delgado for a stay that will last until mid-October. The objective is to collect images and testimonials on the ground in order to make 4 mini-documentaries and a “making of” around the health and environmental issues associated with artisanal mining. 

This field trip was preceded by pre-production work from July to August, which included a visit to the three project implementation districts (Namuno, Montepuez and Ancuabe), to identify potential areas, scenarios and actors to integrate into movies. Due diligence was also taken and necessary authorizations were secured from district governments, community leaders and mining associations. 

These movies, expected to last between 5 and 10 minutes, will be the result of the practical internship of the Social Documentary Cinema course promoted by medicusmundi, in partnership with INAC (National Institute of Audiovisual and Cinema). This will not only be a great opportunity for young people to apply the knowledge acquired during the course, but also an incentive for the cultural and creative industry in Mozambique, in particular with regard to social activism as a tool for claiming human rights.


Published in September 2019