Primary Health Care is topic of conversation on Rádio Índico

What is Primary Health Care, why is it important to invest in it and how does medicusmundi work to strengthen, promote and defend it? All this and more in one interview.

Promotion of PHC

Primary Health Care represents the first level of contact between individuals, family and community with the national health system and constitutes the first element of a continued health care process.

In 1978, the Alma-Ata Declaration referred to Primary Health Care as “essential health care made available to the universal reach of individuals, through their full participation and at a cost that the community and the country can maintain at each stage of their development". It also states that “it is an integral part of both the country's health system, of which it is the central function and the main focus, and of the global social and economic development of the community. It represents the first level of contact of individuals, family and community with the national health system, through which health care is taken as close as possible to the places where people live and work, and constitute the first element of a continuing process of health care”.

For all the importance they assume, Primary Health Care is one of the main lines of action of medicusmundi in Mozambique. It was to talk about the work that we develop in this area, for over 25 years, that we were chatting with Rádio Índico, on the 3rd of June. Throughout the interview, we explain some of the projects implemented in Inhambane, Nampula and Cabo Delgado that have contributed to increase access to Primary Health Care and ensure that the right to health is a right for all Mozambicans. We also talk about the importance of investing in Primary Health Care and the actions we take with the aim of strengthening, promoting and defending it. To listen to this interview, click on the image below.

Published on 09/07/20