Media coverage of social determinants of health in Mozambique

medicusmundi and MISA-Mozambique recently published the results of a comprehensive study on media coverage in relation to the social determinants of health in Mozambique, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Determinants of Health

Within the framework of the project "The Social Determinants of Health: the best strategy against COVID-19 in Maputo", financed by Barcelona City Council, the team visited media outlets, including Media Mais TV and RAM TV. During these visits, challenges were shared in accessing official information and reliable data on the emergency related to COVID-19 and other epidemiological risks.


The results of the survey, conducted by medicusmundi and MISA-Mozambique, offer valuable information for monitoring media coverage, highlighting the crucial role that the media plays in the dissemination of information and the formation of public opinion. However, they also warn of the need to increase and improve coverage in this area:


“It can be seen that in-depth work, pieces dedicated to delving deeper and exploring multiple perspectives around an issue, in this specific case of health and COVID-19, did not dominate the media during the period analysed, even looking particularly at the weeklies.”


The full investigation report can be accessed here:




The media plays a fundamental role in building a society that cohesively responds to its wishes.


Additionally, during the visits, there were productive conversations with journalists and editors, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that communities have access to accurate information to make informed decisions.


This is an important step in building a society that is well informed and prepared to face public health challenges. The media plays a fundamental role in building a society that cohesively responds to its wishes.


Check out the full RAM TV MOZ interview (minute 19:10) about the study here:


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