Medicus Mundi launches “Untouchable” with the purpose of contributing to the Health Defense as a Public, Universal and Global Good

“Untouchable”, the video through which Medicus Mundi thanks and encourage to continue with the fight for the Right to Health worldwide.

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“With this video, we want to thank our social base and collaborating entities for all the support provided for over 50 years”

Tuesday, April 28 - medicusmundi publishes today, through its social networks, "Untouchable", a video in defense of the right to health in which participate more than 20 people from the 7 countries where this health NGO, founded in 1963, works. From Mozambique, where we have worked for over 25 years, but also from Ecuador, Bolivia, Spain, Bosnia Herzegovina, Burkina Faso and the Sahrawi camps in Algeria, different voices in different languages come to us, together in a single message: health is a public, universal and global good, which must be untouchable.

“With this video, we want to thank our social base and collaborating entities for all the support provided for over 50 years”, informs Ivan Zahinos, Coordinator of International Relations at medicusmundi. “In addition, we want to send a message to the people of the countries with which we collaborate: that in all these years we have always worked to make health a right for everyone, that we did it in very difficult circumstances, and that we will continue to do it because we know that in order to transform the society it is necessary to put people before money, and for that it is essential that health is at the center of all policies. Life is untouchable. Public, universal and global health must be untouchable ”.

For the production of the video we had Kanaki films, winner of two Goya awards, with which medicusmundi has already produced three documentaries (“A Luta Continua”, “A Febre do Ouro” and “Woman”) that revolve around the same objective: bring to society other realities that exist in the world and that are totally related to ours, thus demonstrating that global problems can only be solved with global proposals. Today, more than ever, cooperation between countries, communities and people is the only possible way for us to aspire to live in a healthier, fairer, and better world.