25 November: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Together in the Fight against Gender-Based Violence!

Social Determinants of Health

At medicusmundi, we join forces to eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls, a fight that for us is continuous, every day.


We firmly believe that the key to reducing gender-based violence lies in prevention. However, the response must cover three essential axes: prevention, care, and advocacy for the implementation of international conventions and national policies.


Investing in these axes is crucial, but real change will only occur with integrated care, through the Integrated Care Centres strategy, and protection measures, so that the abused woman does not return to family life, with her aggressor. In this sense, it is urgent to put the availability of shelters for women victims of gender-based violence on the political agenda. Without forgetting that when women escape violence, they do so with their children. Therefore, shelters must be inclusive and integrate all women's needs.


Finally, our approach also extends to the aggressor himself. Because if there is a victim it is because there was an aggressor before. We therefore advocate interventions aimed not only at punishment, but also at treatment, cognitive-behavioural reorientation and re-educational intervention for the aggressor, as well as increasing citizen and community awareness, to avoid future victims.


For a country where women have their rights respected!


For a society more sensitive to the human rights of women and girls!


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