What challenges can a health system under construction, like Mozambique's, pose?

medicusmundi film reflects on the need to create a fair, inclusive and robust health system as a way to combat inequalities.

Health data and indicators show that the most efficient models are those based on the primary health care strategy, aimed at public, universal and free care.

In a country with only a few decades of history, since its independence, and a 16-year civil war in between, as in the case of Mozambique, we find a health system with very few resources and too much dependence on foreign aid. Building a new health care system is as urgent as it is challenging. It is necessary to ensure not only the creation of infrastructures and the training of qualified professionals, but also to ensure that a joint and effective strategy is implemented that is able to respond to the country's needs and collaborate, at the same time, with the plans of the donor institutions (often divergent). Will it be possible to create the perfect health care system? Certainly not. But building a model that is based on primary care and prioritizes public, universal and free access to health must be above any priority.

Published on 25/02/20

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