Plans for the Prevention and Reduction of Malnutrition launched in Namuno, Ancuabe and Montepuez

The plans seek to respond to the challenges presented in the diagnosis made in these districts to the Social Determinants of Health, with a special focus on nutrition.

Cabo Delgado families and communities have little knowledge about food and nutrition.

Improving the health of the population with an impact on its Social Determinants, in particular improving nutritional status, was the objective that motivated the realization of a diagnostic work in the districts of Namuno, Ancuabe and Montepuez, in Cabo Delgado.

The results of this work were presented by medicusmundi, SETSAN-Provincial and AECID in three events (one in each district), which took place on the 20th, 21st of February and 5th of March. In these meetings participated the Administrators of each District, AECID Project Manager in Cabo Delgado, SETSAN-Provincial Focal Point, all District Service Directors and Focal Points (namely Health, Education, Infrastructure and Economic Activities) and members of Non-Governmental Organizations, that work to reduce malnutrition in these districts (Solidar Med, PMA, Wiwanana Foundation and Aga Khan).

The diagnosis made allowed to know the Social Determinants of Health that contribute to the emergence of malnutrition, the following having been identified as the main challenges: the low level of knowledge (which leads to food not being prepared in a way that allows a better utilization of its nutrients), the scarcity of money (which pressures people to produce food for commercial purposes, to the detriment of its consumption) and the weak coordination between District Services and Non-Governmental Organizations, to carry out activities related to nutrition. Overall, it was concluded that families and communities in Cabo Delgado have little knowledge about nutrition.

Based on these conclusions, relying on the technical support of medicusmundi and the contribution of all the District Sectors and Non-Governmental Organizations mentioned, Multisectoral Action Plans were designed to prevent and reduce malnutrition in each of these districts. The presentation, approval and launching of these Plans took place at the three meetings and reinforced, once again, that the joint effort and good coordination between sectors are essential to effectively combat the high rates of malnutrition observed in the region.

These activities were carried out within the scope of the project “Improving the population's health, focusing on its Social Determinants and a special focus on nutrition, through the strengthening of Primary Health Care", implemented by medicusmundi with funding from AECID.

Published on 11/03/20

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