Awareness Campaigns start in Cabo Delgado

The action will take place over 16 months and will reach 46.000 people residing in artisanal mining zones in Namuno, Montepuez and Ancuabe districts.

Right to health , Artisanal mining , Creative industry at the service of social transformation

Lectures, debates and plays are some of the educational actions intended to alert to the risks of mining activity to health and the environment.

The beginning of July was marked by the start of Community Awareness Campaigns in Namuno, Montepuez and Ancuabe districts in Cabo Delgado. The action fits into the context of the project “Artisanal Mining: Environmental and Cultural Rights in Cabo Delgado”, funded by the European Union, and will take place over 16 months in 36 communities adjacent to the exploration areas. These campaigns are aimed at the whole community and intend to complement the wide range of activities already carried out by the project, such as legal advice (characterized by conducting community legal caravans) and environmental and health training to the main groups involved in mining sector (namely local authorities, health personnel and mine workers). 

This is another initiative resulting from the partnership between medicusmundi and  Centro Terra Viva, which is expected to reach about 46,000 people. Education and awareness raising activities will include lectures, debates and plays to alert to the health and environmental risks of mining activity. In each community, the campaigns will be chaired by the respective community leaders, assisted by paralegals. 

The villages of Waqueia and Mahossine, in Namuno district, Namanhumbir, in Montepuez district, and Nacaca, in Ancuabe district, were chosen to host the launching event of these important awareness actions. About 400 people, including men, women, youth and children joined, in each community, with representatives of district governments and local community authorities to participate in the start of activities.  At the kick off meetings there was an opportunity to get to know the project, see a play, attend a lecture and watch the documentary “A Febre do Ouro”, which talks about the irreconcilable dilemma between the poverty of Cabo Delgado population and soil wealth in artisanal mining zones. Spaces of interaction with the public and contests marked the intervals between the different moments. 

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